Dansen 2016:

Clap clap clap Clap clap clap
The Music Man The Music man
So good So Good
Creating Memories Creating Memories
You're Dynamite You"re Dynamite
Invisible Invisible
Vegas Baby
Vegas Baby
The Wonder Years 
The Wonder Years
In case you didnt know
In case you didn't know
Boogie Boogie Woogie Boogie Boogie Woogie     
Shake a tail feather Shake a tail feather
Come On Closer Come on closer
Follow The Sun 
Follow the sun 
Fool In Love.
Fool In Love
Dimelo Tu
Dimelo Tu

Alabama Boy (Herhaling) Alabama Boy
Holiday in Spain Holiday in Spain
Rosa Del Mar
Rosa Del Mar
Special lady
Special Lady
Celoso Joso (Herhaling)
Celoso Joso
La Pompa La Pompa
Agua Y Fuego Agua Y Fuego
Celoso Celoso
Sofia Sofia
Don't Look at me Don't Look at me
Brand New Chick Brand New Chick
Need Somebody Need Somebody
We Could be Anything We Could Be Anything
Bailar Bailar Bailar Bailar
Corazon Diamante Corazon Diamante
The Fighter The Fighter
So just dance dance dance So Just dance dance dance
Someone Feels Like a Fool Someone Feels Like a Fool
Mojito Mojito
Big Time Operator Big Time Operator
I Wanna Be Happy I Wanna Be Happy
Solo Amor Solo Amor
Your World Your World
S.T. One S.T. One
Stop Staring at My Eyes Stop Staring at My Eyes
Catch & Release Catch & Release
You Got Soul You Got Soul
Slow Down Brother Slow Down Brother
Sobridosis Amor Sobredosis Amor
Reasons for my tears Reasons for my tears
Cliche Love Song Cliche Love song
Save the day Save the day
About Feelings About Feelings
Jamaica Farewell Jamaica Farewell
Whiskey Smooth Whiskey Smooth
Ain't Misbehavin' Ain't Misbehavin'
Three Beers to Mexico Three Beers to Mexico
The Bite The Bite